Utilize your land for
shared experience

Once you lease a minimum 10+ (usable) acres of your land to us, we park/install tiny homes on the leased land and manage tiny home guests. We also supply power and water with a 100% off-grid solar system and take care of the waste. We pay you monthly rent (flat fee) for your land.

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How to be a part of Reset

Step 1Tell us about your land

We will look at satellite images, have a brief conversation and conduct basic due diligence to ensure your land can accommodate 5 tiny homes. We ideally seek 10-15 acre plots.

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Step 2Scheduling a site visit & Assessment

We will schedule a time for us to look at your farm/land and the surrounding vicinity to assess internet and off-grid solar system accessibilities.

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Step 3Agreement & Signatures

We sign an annual Agreement providing inital negotiated rent and security.

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Step 4Installation

Our professional installers will setup and deploy off-grid tiny homes in as little as 4 weeks.

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What you need
to know

  • Reset tiny homes are legally designated as recreational vehicles, not real estate property.
  • The size of our tiny homes is between 240 sq ft (8’ x 30’) and 410 sq ft (10’ x 41’).
  • Reset installs/ parks tiny homes on your leased land.
  • Each tiny home is built entirely off-grid and uses 100% solar power for utilities (no need for utility hookups or permitting processes).
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RESET can also

  • Provide all services related to power, water, and waste.
  • Handle permitting, paperwork, construction, and clearing (as needed).
  • Manage both tiny home guests’ screening and stays via Reset Property Management Tools.
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As a part of Reset ecosystem, you can enjoy...

  • Connectivity that has become available to the rural area where your land is
  • Monthly fixed income from leasing your land to us
  • Opportunity to sell fresh product to our guests